About Us

About Us

It is a free application and website which provides services for patients such as reserving, changing or canceling medical appointments, joining to waiting lists, appointment’s reminders and other services. It gathers an extensive database of physicians & medical facilities in one place. Patients can choose from the available list & reserve appointments in just few clicks. They also can access any medical facilities or physician’s profile. It’s available in both Arabic and English and can be accessed anywhere and at anytime.  

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To change the traditional method of dealing with medical facilities, to save the patients’ time & efforts.


Our Mission

To facilitate the process of dealing with medical facilities through the application or the website in a few minutes and to provide a huge database for patients to view and choose from different physicians and medical facilities anywhere and at any time.

Loyalty Program "eTaj"

Application and website users (patients, physicians or medical facilities) can gain point that will be replaced with rewards once the medical visit is completed.